Where is Fort Cochin?

Fort Kochi is the peninsula situated in front of Ernakulam in southwest India, State of Kerala.

Fort Cochin the name of the place dating back to British colonial times. Today one returns to the ancient Indian names, in particular to "Fort Kochi"."

Map of the Cochin region

Cochin is situated at the Arabian sea. In about 80 km distance from the coast line, the mountain chain Western Ghats stretches almost parallel to the coast.

The metropolis Cochin has been created some years ago by merging different places including Fort Cochin. The most important of these places was the town Ernakulam. Even today the name "Ernakulam" is being used for those parts of Cochin which include the business district, the shops and the market as well as the extended residential areas.

Cochin is a busy city with Cochin Port, which is well documented since ancient times. The connecting passage from Cochin Port to the Arabian sea passes the riverlike waterway between the northern end of Fort Cochin and the island Vypeen.